Bring It

The criticism if Lebron is becoming ridiculous, not to mention hypocritical. Last week, people said he’d never leave $30+ mill on the table because he wants to be the richest athlete. Now he gives up the money and is criticized. Last week they said his ego wouldn’t let him share the spotlight and he needed all the credit to be his own. Now he’s criticized for ‘taking the easy way out’ to play with stars and share his fame. Dan Gilbert spent years praising Lebron for what he did for Cleveland (and for Gilbert, helping the franchise value increase by over $100 mill in 7 years), now he strikes back like a child throwing a temper tantrum. They say he’s selfish for announcing his decision live on television; tell that to the Boys & Girls Club who just got over $3 million in donations for it. How is that a net negative? I feel bad for the city of Cleveland (but not the fans who went as far as to burn his jersey. You don’t own this man and he gave you plenty). I have to imagine he would have been criticized no matter where he went for one reason or another. We say we want our athletes to play to win, to play for the love of the game, not the money. Today, we saw a player take that step like never seen before, and its so astonishing people cannot comprehend it and instead rally against it. We wear the bulls-eye now, but we will wear it proudly. We’ll go back to our nineties slogan of being the most hated, hardest working, meanest, toughest team in the NBA. Look out, Lebron is pissed.


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